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Ezshopcuracao is an e-commerce platform that grants you access to a world of great products from the merchants in the Curaçao Free Economic Zones. Shopping online is convenient and “ez”. You can get everything you need without leaving the comfort of your home or office. At ezshopcuracao, we provide you with an integrated and “ez”-to-use platform to shop for wholesale products online. ezshopcuracao is an “ez” way for our merchants to connect with you, whether you are an existing or potential new overseas customer. Now you can enjoy the benefits of the Curaçao Free Economic Zones without the need to travel all the way to the island. Ezshopcuracao is designed to make your shopping experience “ez” so you can “ez”ly find the products you need. The directory of merchants enables you to “ez”ly search and browse merchants and product categories. At ezshopcuracao, we work around the clock to aid your wholesale online shopping experience.  So, what are you waiting for. Create your account and checkout how “ez” it is.

Our Partners

We are Curinde
Curinde is the abbreviation of Curaçao Industrial and International Trade Development Company. We at Curinde strongly believe in the potential of Curaçao as a prime logistical hub for successful business in the Caribbean region. Our goal is to provide professional support and qualitative facilities to parties interested in operating in the Free Economic Zones of Curaçao. Our main goal is to stimulate our local economy and therefore are constantly exploring and creating new opportunities in order to better serve our merchants and the island. That is why we have launched ezshopcuracao, an online wholesale shopping platform. This new e-commerce platform provides a unique wholesale shopping experience for everybody interested in purchasing goods and services manufactured and developed in one of our Free (Economic) Zones at the simple click of a button.
Our mission
To attract, assist and stimulate trading and production companies to reach their objectives and consequently contribute to sustainable economic and social growth of Curaçao. By 2020 Curinde will be an internationally recognized facilitator of international production and trade of high-value goods, providing excellent commercial services by caring and knowledgeable professionals.

Our parks

Curinde manages three business parks, the Curaçao Harbor Free Economic Zone, the Airport Free Economic Zone and the Industrial Park Brievengat. Those interested to establish a company in one of our business parks, receive fast accurate advice and assistance from our specialists in order to help them establish, run and grow their businesses; because our merchants’ successes are our successes. Our Free Economic Zones offer many amenities like customs offices, conveniently located on the premises, where goods purchased are cleared and easily dispatched. Our zones house companies that deal in a variety of products and services from jewellery to pharmaceutical products while the uniquely designed Industrial Park Brievengat is home to several factories.

100+ Merchants
At the Harbor Free (Economic) Zone you will find a variety of goods at attractive prices. There are ±100 companies offering original brands attuned to the Caribbean taste. Products that are offered: clothing, accessories, shoes, household items, electronics, furniture, etc.
35+ Merchants
The Airport Free (Economic) Zone is located next to the airport. Some of the products currently offered at this zone are: jewelry, heavy equipment parts, hospitality products, pharmaceuticals, fitness & exercise equipment.
60+ Merchants
The Industrial park caters mostly to the local market of Curaçao although some are active in export activities. These companies engage in storage, distribution, production, assembling and processing.